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For 27 consecutive years I've had just Chole Rice as Diwali night dinner. No kidding. 
In fact, my brother who didnt touch Rice the whole year ate Chole Rice for dinner on Diwali every year.
Well, welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, today I'm gonna tell you about my Chole Rice wali Diwali
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Once upon a time, there was a sweet little lady who used to live with her husband, four kids, and her mother in law in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. 
Every year on Diwali, she and her mother in law used to do all the Diwali prep together. Cleaning the entire house, doing all the Diwali shopping, buying gifts and sweets for extended family members. And of course, the Laxmi Poojan
And last but the most important part, preparing a huge feast for the Diwali night family dinner. Sometimes, they would be accompanied by the husband's younger brother and his family, so that year the feast used to be even more grand.
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Then one year, she was all alone in doing all this. Her mother in law had passed away recently, and one by one, all her kids were off studying in different cities. 
Her husband saw her dilema. 
All her kids would be visiting home for Diwali and she wanted to offer them a grand treat like every year but with everything else she had to do, it would be difficult to manage. 
Still she trotted on, completely all her chores one by one in the days preceding Diwali. And then came the decision that changed Diwali for all of us.
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Her husband asked her to make just Chole Rice for dinner that day instead of the multitude of dishes she was planning to make. And though she was hesitant at first, she agreed when all her kids urged her to do the same. 
Now you may ask Why Chole Rice specifically? Because it was the one thing that everyone in the family enjoyed immensely. Including the lady herself. 
That lady is my grandmother and her husband, my late grandfather. 
He wanted to lessen her load so that she could also enjoy herself on the festival by lighting diyas and crackers with her children rather than toiling the whole day in the kitchen.
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And it changed what Diwali is, for all of us. Me and my whole extended family. 
We all have been eating Chole Rice for Diwali dinner ever since I can remember and this tradition continues as in, even after he passed away 3 years ago. It's the one thing that keeps the whole family together, whether or not we're actually in front of each other. 
TBH, I have always been proud of our Diwali tradition, and I really really hope this continues forever. If not Chole Rice, then something else but my grandfather believed in spending time with family instead of for the family, and I never want to forget that.
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