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Back in mid-August I spent a week in rural Maine. The fresh air, plethora of outdoor activities, and slower pace was like a soothing bubble bath for my chronically over-active brain.
In September I spontaneously decided to return to Maine for a few weeks of remote work. 
I ended up staying over two months. As my happiness-meter continued to rise, I did something very unusual for me: I made an impromptu offer on a small 1930’s lakefront cottage. 
Concurrently I decided I would now live part of the year in my beloved Portland, Oregon and part of the year in rural Maine. 
At first it felt… well, like I had broken the rules. 
For decades I had a plan in my head of what my mid-50’s would look like. And it wasn’t this! 
I was supposed to be wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and Chanel suits as I strode into boardrooms as the CEO of some kind of innovative public company, working to close the #NextBigDeal.
Instead, after hearing that yet another amazing woman in her 50's may have but a little time left due to a malignant tumor it finally hit me: I am the CEO of my life. 
Financial health is the #1 power tool that I have, and you have, to build a life of deep emotional wealth. That's why this newsletter will focus on providing you with a wide range of inspiration, knowledge and action steps to help you achieve financial health and explore what a life rich in emotional wealth looks like for you.

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Do you know how much money you can comfortably afford 
to spend on splurges, small or big? 

My favorite rule of thumb is Elizabeth Warren’s 50/30/20 Balanced Spending Formula. 
It suggests we allocate 50% of our take-home pay to true needs, 30% to the fun wants, and 20% to be set aside for future spending - be it retirement or a small cabin in the woods. 
The exact split will vary from person to person, but the north star to aim for is that 20% saving. And if you are at 1% right now, that’s A-OK. Start wherever you are and increase as you can. It’s worth the effort because these funds build a bridge between your financial health and emotional wealth.
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 Check out these basic pieces on the 50/30/20 rule; I’m not exaggerating: the return on the time you spend doing this quite literally could change your life!

ARTICLE: The 50/30/20 Rule Demystified
Remember, you deserve financial wellbeing…and I'd love to help you achieve it! 
So don't hesitate to email me with any surprising insights, ah-ha’s, or topics you’d like me to address in future newsletters!

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