A Soul - Aligning Portrait Workshop
With Intention Setting and Flowers Galore
November 13
Gathr, Ipswich
I am so excited to personally invite you to my first Lux et Umbra workshop with Wild Sea Wellness and Magnolia Blooms. 
The Halo Sessions were designed to help you meet and welcome your soul’s deepest desire, bringing it front and center into your reality. 
What is that thing you want to have more of in your life? Deep within yourself, you know. In this deeply personal, empowering and soul-driven workshop we will help you voice and intentionally welcome precious, life changing desire into your life.
We will start off with an intention-setting exercise with Chrissy of Wild Sea Wellness. Chrissy will lead you through an intention setting practice focusing on the Sankalpa. Sankalpa is roughly translated in Sanskrit as “heart driven resolve.” You will get specific and be determined about your intention. You will then cut away any cords that are creating unnecessary attachments and may be blocking your path to fully realizing your soul’s desire. Next you are going to take that desire and turn it into reality with Jeannine of Magnolia Blooms. Manifest the intention and turn that desire into an empowering headdress that you will wear into your portrait session with Cynthia of Lux et Umbra.
Cynthia will work with you in mini portrait sessions to visualize yourself in touch with your heart's intention. The portrait you create together will be a powerful visual reminder for you as you manifest more of that desire into your life. 
You will walk away with a soul-warming experience to bring you more into alignment, a beautiful headdress to take home and a stunning portrait to remind you of that magic that lives inside you. 
The investment for this session $245, and includes:
  • An intention setting experience with Chrissy
  • A floral crown building experience with Jeannine - yours to keep!
  • A mini portrait session with Cynthia and your crown - a gallery of your images  - and one 5x7 print of the best one.
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XOXO - Cynthia
About Lux et Umbra
The portraits I take explore the place where our inspiration and determination meets our ultimate purpose. It doesn't matter if the photograph is for advertising or art. The person, the path and the passion are always the most important story, and the way into creating the most powerful image of what's beautiful and true.

About Magnolia Blooms

So often flowers have been kept inside a small design box. Often used for gift-giving, wedding, or shower décor. Our design team sees beyond the box and recognizes its full potential. We use our extensive knowledge in digital and small business marketing and pair it with our creative imaginations to create immersive floral experiences and floral art that inspires and leaves your audience awestruck.



About Wild Sea Wellness
Chrissy is on a journey to navigate the seas of life, to rise like the sun, the moon, and the ocean tides, all while manifesting balance within and union with all.  In addition to her meditations and intention setting, her wellness offerings on the North Shore of Massachusetts include alignment based vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, guided meditation, reiki, herbal knowledge, and thai yoga bodywork.  
(978) 998-2228