Shiromal Cooray, Chairman - Jetwing Hotels
As the holiday season is fast approaching, we here at LOVI are working our socks off designing new collections (stay tuned), creating awe-inspiring wedding outfits, and custom tailoring the perfect sarongs for our clients. It’s reminding us of the amazing CEOs who modeled our Reimagine (AKA The New National) collection and for whom the grind never stops. 
As the year slowly draws to a close, we asked them how they grew into their roles and adapted their businesses, all whilst dressed for success. 
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Kishu Gomes, Group MD / CEO - Dreamron Group of Companies. 
When faced with a crisis Kishu Gomes, Group CEO of Dreamron Lanka, conveyed that the most important thing was ‘to rally people together and discuss and understand the issue from everyone’s perspective. The most important thing to manage is communication, coming up with a plan and then executing it.’
It’s a sentiment further echoed by Randhula de Silva, Director of Hatch Works and Founder of Good Life X: ‘You need to be a little selfless and get your eyes off short term objectives and be there for your team to ensure their wellbeing comes first at times of struggle. It takes an extra lot out of you.’ 
As a reuslt, it is also imperative as a CEO to carve out that extra space and time for yourself. Randhula continued, ‘I practice five minutes of gratitude each day. It’s something I started earlier this year because it has been a tough year with a lot of uncertainty. It’s not been easy to keep everything intact and be responsible for other people’s wellbeing and mental health.’ 
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Randhula de Silva, Director - Hatch Works and Founder of Good Life X. 
Once yourself and your team have been taken care of, using the time to grow as an entrepreneur is something Ajai Vir Singh, Founder and President of Colombo Fashion Week, suggests: ‘You have to know that there will be challenges and it is up to you to refine them and use those challenges to make yourself better, sharper and stronger.’
When asked how he stays grounded during the struggle he replied, 'What drives me is a conviction of “Can you really change the world?”, and, for me, the answer is yes, I can. Can I change my immediate environment? Can I change my industry? My country? My regional industry? My global industry? When you have the conviction to do something and challenge yourself, doors will always open.'
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Ajay Vir Singh, Founder & MD - Colombo Fashion Week
With this we look to the next generation of leaders. ‘They are so confident, so sure of themselves and their plans and are not afraid to venture into new areas,’ says Shiromal Cooray, Chairman of Jetwing Hotels. ‘They love to think big and do things in a larger scale. Although this is good, I have always believed in starting small and building on it.’
And there you have it. Small steps - the fundamental key to success. We look forward to cheering on our nation's next CEOs. 

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