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Volume 1 // Issue 5                                                                                                   October 29, 2021
Welcome to 10 Things, a treat right to your inbox each Friday with - you guessed it - ten of my favorite things from the week. 
October has been an incredibly busy month for me - if you'd like some more detailed updates, make sure you're subscribed to off the desk as well as 10 Things :) Next edition will be hot off the presses on November 1. 
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  1. With the advancing prevalence of social media (heard of Meta yet?) in our society, it can be even harder not to play the comparison game. Here's how to avoid participating in that train wreck. 
  2. One of my previous supervisors when I was an RA has a GREAT podcast called Coffee on Leadership. I listen to all of the episodes (although I'm lagging behind a bit). This is an older episode, but still so good and a super quick, easy listen - Relational Leadership with Jessica Fujimoto. 
  3. Ever heard of the miracle of apple cider vinegar? Look no further: Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drinks.
  4. Are you reading this during your Friday afternoon slump at the office? Here's 70 productive things to do when you're bored at work. 
  5. This is me shooting myself in the foot by broadcasting it at all, but Well + Good is partnering with Madewell & CorePower Yoga for this giveaway. It's completely free to enter. Includes a $1k Madewell gift card and a one-year membership to CorePower Yoga for unlimited studio, live, and on-demand classes. 
  6. Cooler weather means COATS!!! Here's some I've had my eyes on - particularly the gray one with the belt. Swoon. 
  7. Money With Katie is one of my favorite instagram “influencers.” She focuses on millennial finance, and recently launched a podcast that I've been loving. Her first episode: A rant about why owning a home shouldn't be your end-all be-all financial goal. 
  8. If you like 10 Things, you'll love sidekick - a newsletter by Morning Brew that brings a collection of interesting reads right to your inbox. 
  9. This barbecue salmon with mango salsa has me drooling by just reading the recipe. 
  10. Food for thought: the most interesting person in China. 
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