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I know I don't need to convince you that memory keeping is good for you so I'll skip right to how I've been feeling about mine: behind. Before I discovered the online scrapbooking world, I'd take months to work on a spread but now that I can see how quickly others work, I feel... late.
Mom guilt hits me knowing that now that there's two kids (🤯) because the baby books are constantly in need of an update. Our Halloween album is basically just foundation pages. I went and started setting up a travel album and winter holiday album (blog posts coming soon) and all of this together makes me somehow feel stagnant.
The tips over at All The Best have helped me memory keep intentionally for years, so when I saw that Cat was offering a workshop on tackling old photos I signed up right away. She is minimally-minded like me, except she's able to pull it off consistently in her photo books. The workshop just started a few days ago but I already can tell it's going to be worth it.
I am sharing this specifically with you because I know this is a need a lot of us have. Our problem is never too few ideas or lacking creativity, but organizing all of those inspired moments into complete projects.
Her free tips are super insightful and always help motivate me to keep working on my project, no matter how long ago the memories were. I encourage you to check her out if your looking for quick tips.
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Feels good to be forming a project plan for my memory keeping! Although this is my creative outlet, being strategic about it will give me the focus I need to overcome the overwhelm. Time is a resource I no longer have much of so I am excited to be able to have a better system and get these stories told. 
I'll share here and there as I continue to learn, as always.
How is your memory keeping going lately? Do you have a few different projects that are currently in progress? Reply to this email and let me know, maybe we can be accountability buddies! 
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You know I don't tend to email too often, but I've got another one coming your way in a couple weeks.
I didn't want this email to drag on and I kind of want to wait to unfold the deets for Black Friday Weekend. 😉 Just a heads up, there's a little freebie headed at you in that email. This email is sufficiently full already, don't you think?


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