Vinícius de Moraes, nicknamed O Poetinha ("The little poet"), was a Brazilian poet, lyricist, essayist, and playwright. Along with frequent collaborator Antônio Carlos Jobim, his lyrics and compositions were part of the birth of bossa nova music.

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Welcome to the second edition of SUNDAY SAMBA — a newsletter about Brazilian Portuguese & culture, with updates from the Carioca Connection Club, and some stories to smile about. 

New material on the Club.
New material & improvements. We love creating learning resources & love your feedback. 
We are consistently adding new ideas & experiments to Carioca Connection Labs. 
Some updates from this week:
  • Podcast database - so you can search for episode by tags, seasons, topics, etc.
  • Most common mistakes - Felipe is using his years of experience teaching Portuguese to address some of the most common mistakes gringos tend to make.
  • Recommended resources - A comprehensive database of high-quality content to improve your Portuguese. We've started with a collection of our favorite Brazilian podcasts.

Links to love
Curated resources to keep you motivated with your Portuguese & smile at the same time.
Camila Coutinho explica porque o autoconhecimento é importante para ganhar confiança e autoestima. Criadora do blog Garotas Estúpidas, Camila Coutinho é uma das influenciadoras digitais pioneiras no Brasil e autora do livro “Estúpida, Eu?”
A Brazilian media outlet with only good news to make your day. Foster highly recommends changing this to your homepage. 
Not only Brazilian Portuguese related – but definitely worth checking out. For all of you language nerds out there – this is a really fun way to test your ability to detect different languages. 

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