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Yup. I started a podcast. Just like everyone and their mom. But, I think you'll like this one…
The first episode is all about how I accidentally became a social media manager when I was the Retail Director for the Kardashians. I was hired to help the three locations in Los Angeles, Miami and NYC make a profit and get a grip on branding. If I was going to be successful, I knew I had to create a social media presence for the brand.

The second episode covers the history of social media and what being a social media manager is all about. I dive into everything from the important role that social media played during the pandemic, to the tolls that social media can have on your mental health, to the awesome career path that SMMs have.

This week, Zuck announced that the parent company of all the Facebook apps is here and it's Meta. Social media isn't the only thing that Zuck & Co want to completely own, they want to go bigger and basically try to dominate the internet. 
Do I think it's cool? Yes. Do I think it's weird? Also yes.
There's a TON of new features on Instagram, which are all likely to help business owners if they utilize them correctly. This includes scheduling lives, better insights for reels, collabing with people on posts and videos, and the one we've all been waiting for… the Link Sticker. The link sticker is a game changer. However, you should still try to direct people to your profile once in a while, and more importantly, share links via DMs, you'll get WAY more link clicks that way. (AKA build your community).
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Stay tuned for more next week!
Lots of love, manifestations, positive affirmations, and more podcast downloads,
Dakota Jeane