Pre-Order Today!
Hello everyone!
In case you missed it or simply forgot, my brand new book The Bible in a Year: A Reading Plan Focusing on God's Character is now available for pre-order and will be officially released one week from today!
Today I wanted to share a little bit about my experience creating this book…
The Prayer
I've seen God's hand over this book since before the idea came and before I was even approached by my publisher. I have self published 2 devotionals and a journal, but after I released my Guided Prayer Journal back in 2019 (before licensing it with Eccolo), I was feeling a stirring in my heart to think bigger for whatever the next book would be and to work with a publisher. I didn't know how I would get in touch with the right publisher or what the next book would even be, but I simply prayed, “Lord, if this is your will, make a way.”
The Answer
It has been an incredible privilege and blessing to see how that prayer has been answered. Last fall, a contact through a company I've worked for in the past told my publisher about me and they reached out with an idea for a book and a desire to work with me on some additional projects. As I did some freelance work for them, I waited on the Lord… I wasn't feeling particularly at peace about the original book idea. But then early this year, my publisher shared an idea for a Bible in a year reading plan and devotional. I loved this idea. 
I was in… until I chickened out for a few weeks. No joke! The task felt extremely overwhelming. In hindsight, my original ideas for the book were way bigger than I could have accomplished at this point in my life and faith journey. I tried quietly backing out, but my publisher was persistent and I'm convinced by the Spirit's leading, I reworked the ideas we originally discussed and settled on the concept for this book.
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The Process
As I began writing, I soon discovered that even with a much simpler concept, I could not accomplish the task of writing this book on my own. I wanted to make sure I was interpreting and explaining God's Word accurately, not reading my own preconceived ideas into what I wrote. I knew I could only do this through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, so each day, I would begin there – humbling myself before the Lord, asking Him to equip me do this task well. 
I saw God answer my prayers in such obvious ways, but my favorite times were when I'd be watching or listening to a sermon, lecture, or podcast and it would touch on a truth I was writing about earlier that day and the Spirit would point out to me where something I wrote was off and needed to be revisited and refined the next day. It was moments like these that put my anxieties at ease – I could see the Lord was with me, hearing and answering my prayers, and going before me.
The Release
If you've been staying up to date on my emails, you got to experience with me how God, once again, answered my (and your) prayers to get the book shipment from the port it was stuck at to the warehouse in time for a pre-Thanksgiving release. 
When I think back on this book journey, all I can think is, “Great is Thy faithfulness!” Our God is so faithful. He is sovereign over all things. I praise Him for all the ways I got to see many of His attributes and promises at work in my life through this process… so fitting since this book is all about His character revealed throughout Scripture!
I hope you'll join me in praising our Lord and God for His sovereignty and faithfulness. And of course, I hope today you'll pre-order The Bible in a Year: A Reading Plan Focusing on God's Character, which will be officially released one week from today!

Xo, Lauren