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It's Do Good December!
December Joy
by Julie Treat R.N.
Remember that giggle, the outright belly laugh when you felt that intense, momentary joyful feeling? Remember the delight and glee, the exuberance and ease it brought to your soul and your body? Yes, I remember too. And with equal feeling, remember giving joy? There are lovely people who actually study joy. Ingrid Fetell Lee is one. She observes and studies where to find it. Check her out at    
Indulge in joy. Consciously create and hatch a plan to give joy. Be an anonymous giver of that mysterious and elusive feeling for your someone or for the stranger, then…imagine their joy and watch it come to you too. I have a new friend who has a holiday ritual of bringing joy. She takes dollar bills,  and rolls them up with a ribbon and a Christmas note and brings them to the Dollar Store. Then she hides them around items sold at the store, ready to be found by the buyer. Driving away from the store she imagines the joy of that person or child finding that dollar, she laughs and giggles right out loud and she herself feels that intense, momentary joy. The world becomes abundant.
Boost your joy!
Julie Treat is a recently retired Nurse Navigator at the Hoag Movement Disorders Center.  She has generously offered to volunteer her time with PD Buzz.  Thanks Julie and welcome to team PD Buzz!
Join Us For Project Joy
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This month, I encourage you to look for joyful happenings in your everyday life.  If you look, it is all around you.  Did you or a friend welcome a new grandchild recently?  Did you pursue a new hobby? Were you able to do a couple of extra exercises today? Did you get a good night's sleep last night? What a joy that would be! Was the sunset spectacular? Send us a photo!  Please send us your joyful happenings no matter how big or small. Send them to  We will be posting them all month on our Facebook and Instagram accounts (so be sure to follow us to see all the joyful things going on). My first joyful happening this month is the amazing gnome artwork above by my friend and fellow Parkinson's warrior, Nancy Cordaro. You are so talented Nancy.  Thank you for your creative contributions to PD Buzz.  
Thank you all for joining me in the pursuit of joy this month.
Lauren Simmons
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Calling All Support Group Leaders
(and those who want to be)
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Exciting Things Coming Up!
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We are honored to be partnering with the Parkinson's Wellness Fund. Your support will help improve the lives of individuals living with Parkinson's, today. The Meyrow Foundation d.b.a. The Parkinson's Wellness Fund is a CA non-profit tax exempt 501c3 EIN #27-1196792

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