November is here! A few years ago, one of my dear Italian friends called me up and cheerily said “Happy Black Friday!” As you can imagine, I was a bit puzzled, but touched that she had thought of me. In Italy, it was one of the first times that retail businesses were offering Black Friday promotions.   Much like Halloween, she thought it was another ‘exported’ American Holiday!
I explained to her that the holiday we celebrate and cherish in November is Thanksgiving and Black Friday was just a clever marketing ploy.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to express my gratitude to you for following the blog.
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The Colors of Autumn at Lake Como - Sunday November 21, 2021
The next Milano Culture Club event, in partnership with Easy Milano the guide for expats in Milan and Taste & Travel Italy tours,  we have organized a day trip to Lake Como!  Join us for an easy hike and discover the 'Viandante’ Trail, cruise on a classic Venetian motor boat and share a meal at a panoramic restaurant overlooking Bellagio! Book Tickets

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It's that wonderful time of year again! The Christmas season in Italy is beginning. Dec. 8th is the ‘official' beginning of the season but some events are already on.  We have created a Christmas in Milan guide for 2021 and will be updating the page as new info comes in.   Read more

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Ah, heat. There is nothing like sitting in a warm massage pool looking out to a snowy panoramic view. You can soak in the hot waters and if you’re brave enough, do a snow scrub and jump back in!  (All are open in the spring/summer seasons too!)  Read more

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Temperatures drop but the beauty remains the same on Lake Como in the winter. There is a charming, mysterious atmosphere on the lake in the winter and you will certainly avoid the crowds of tourists seen in summer.  Ski resorts are as close as 30 minutes, Switzerland is a stone's throw away, as are Thermal Spas. Read more

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