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Probably the most awaited Dohful Cookie ever!
They say you gotta keep the people happy! And I can't tell you the number of people asking us to give a 4-pack of just these cookies.
So, finally I bring to you the Tri-Chocolate Ombre Cookie all by itself, in a pack of 4 mega sized cookies!
For those of you who don't know, the Tri-Chocolate Ombre was introduced in our Diwali gift boxes not too long ago and ever since we put out the first Insta story about it, we received tons of requests to launch it separately as well.
So, here we are! 
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Personally, if you ask me, I LOVE this cookie. I mean it was almost serendipitous the way it was hatched and both Chaman & I fell in love with the taste, the texture and the feel of it.
So, here we are, coming to you with the Tri-Chocolate Ombre Cookie, hope you like it as much as I loved creating it. 
And to sweeten the deal, I have actually convinced Chaman to give a 20% inaugural discount on this cookie! Yes…so use the coupon code OMBRE to get a 20% discount on this cookie. But the coupon code is limited time period only, so you gotta act fast!