First name / Friend, it is Book Day! At Arwani Law Firm, we value the importance of reading as a healthy habit in our lives. So every once in a while we like to get together and discuss the books we are currently reading. Today was a great conversation about theme of some of our books correlating into adventure and self-mediation. Here are some of the books we recommend from our firm: 

The Alchemist: Following your personal legend is the whole theme of this book. The books tells a story of a shepherd boy who goes on an adventure of a life time to find his treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt. Will he find it? Or will the journey prove to be much more? 
Limitless: Jim Kwik provides the first all encompassing manual for your brain! Of course, there are other books on brain behavior and understanding, but Kwik makes the strategies he teaches so relatable to the average reader. Learn about his personal struggles with learning and how he overcame these challenges to become a world-renowned brain trainer. 
Rich Dad/Poor Dad: One of the hallmark books for personal finance, Robert Kiyosaki teaches you his lessons for personal finance through the examples of his rich dad and his poor dad. A great book to read if you are preparing to deal with new financial challenges or are just starting out in the world of money! 
We will continue to keep our readers in tuned with what we are reading and hopefully we recommend a book that will change your life! Stay safe. 

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stay safe & Healthy,

Rania Arwani

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Just Awesome!

-Uche E

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