What the heck 
have I been up to?
Well, it's my birthday and I've been eating tacos de birria, sipping agua de Jamaica (calling it hibiscus water just doesn't seem to do it justice) because that's the best way to spend a day. This evening, I plan to curl up with some Bodhi and find a horror movie to relax to--because I'm weird like that. 
It has been a crazy few weeks, so I'm hoping for a quiet evening. In the last couple of weeks,  I've already done the chaotic family get-together for my nephew's birthday with at least three spilled drinks, widespread fork stealing, and my youngest nephew stuffing a napkin into his mouth because he had brain freeze and thought giving his mouth a blanket would help. And I've done the rush to my grandparents house at almost 10pm because my grandma fell and I had to call 911 for the first time ever. 
As you can imagine, I'm ready for a relaxing night with no obligations except cuddling with my stuffed llama. But first, I'm bringing you some news, freebies, deals, and some behind the scenes bonus content. 
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Since my ebooks are no longer in Kindle Unlimited, libraries can now order copies for their collections! And my paperbacks are available in the library's ordering system as well. 
If you've been looking for an affordable way to read more books, you might take a chance and request them at your local library. Libraries all have different systems for this, but a lot of them now offer a short form online where you can easily make your request in a couple of minutes. Not all libraries have the budget to stock every book that is requested, but I have listed my ebooks with all of the major library distributors with affordable options for those who would like to make them available to patrons. 
Even if you've already read my books, I'd really appreciate if you requested any of your favorite books at your local library because there's always a chance another reader will see it there and pick it up!
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A short interview with Kaylyn from the Darkness Bound series. 
What is your occupation? 
Are you even cleared to know about this? Ah well, it's not like you'll believe me any other way. I work for the Aicil Foundation, and generally speaking, I research the history of Chatham, Ohio--the weird, occult, hearing screaming in the forest when there's really no one there kind of history. Then, I figure out why, or if, it's still happening and we try to put a stop to it. I talked my sister into joining up with me, which has its ups and downs, but apparently I need someone to temper my lack of tact on a regular basis. 
Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict? 
Haven't you met me? I couldn't avoid conflict if I were the only person on a deserted island on Jupiter. Actually, I think I'd find even more conflict in that situation because then I'd only have myself to argue with and the only person I disagree with more than Jonah is myself. 
How do you deal with pain? 
I don't. That accounts for 99.9% of my problems. The other 0.1% goes to the entity at the Teague Hotel that just wants to make my entire life miserable. As for pain, I just pretend it doesn't exist until I explode on the next innocent bystander... or my boss. These days, it's usually my boss, but that's what he gets for being an arrogant--never mind, let's not talk about Jonah. 
What smells do you associate with your childhood? 
Banana pudding! We used to fix it for every family get together. Cole and I would layer the cookies, bananas and pudding, but them Mom would ruin it by adding meringue.
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*Note: Amazon decides whether and when to price match free titles. However, if you are unable to obtain a free copy of my romance titles on Amazon, Eden Books offers Kindle compatible ebooks.
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