Good Evening People,
I hope you are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the weekend and ready to take on a new week tomorrow! Here in Delhi, we are currently morphing into Winters and I hate to say this but I really wish I could be somewhere else for the next couple of months...maybe Mumbai...or Bangalore?
It's actually not so much about the falling temperatures but the quality of air that really sucks the life out of me! And really I'd give anything to just get away!
Anyway, Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, today we're going to talk about a soon to be ex cookie in Dohful - the Peanut Butter Marble Cookie.
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Do you like Peanut Butter?
Well, honestly speaking, I hated it till about a few years ago. I would always imagine it to be a sticky, pasty version of a chikki or patti, and just imagining that was enough for me to not like it. Plus, it's ultra-dry mouthfeel didn't help the matter much.
But this all changed, the day I tried Reese's Peanut Butter Chips. These are basically the peanut butter version of chocolate chips and are really really creamy & delicious if you ask me!
I got my hands on them through my aunt who was coming back from the US and asked me if she could bring me anything. Me being me... I gave her a whole long list of stuff I thought would be a good idea to bake cookies with.
Reese's Peanut Butter Chips was on that list.
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So I asked my brother to bring me a large batch of peanut butter chips packets when he was visiting a couple of months later. And I just launched the cookie with them. The plan was to comb through my entire friends & family network and order a few packs of peanut butter chips whenever someone was travelling from US or Canada.
And it was going great! I was actually able to maintain a stable supply via my brother, various cousins and a few long lost friends as well.
The last batch I received was on 6th March, 2020 when my best friend came from Seattle to India. Luckily, it was a huge batch of peanut butter chips packets and with lockdown & everything, we were able to sustain that till the end of 2020.
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In this time period we were able to ship out 30,000+ Peanut Butter Marble Cookies! Yup, that's how many Peanut Butter chips I had accumulated over time. 
But ever since then, none of my friends or family have visited back from the US and we have not been able to get our hands on them.
Don't get me wrong, ever since the beginning, we were using two types of Peanut Butters in our cookie. One was obviously Reese's Peanut Butter Chips and the other was 100% natural Peanut Butter that we sourced locally.
So when I first heard that the Peanut Butter cookies were breaking in transit, I didn't really associate the breaking issue with the absence of Peanut Butter Chips. I thought maybe it was a wrong batch or a transit handling issue or something else.
In reality the Peanut Butter Chips held the cookie together more than we had realized earlier and their absence just crumbled the cookie up.
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Originally, I was hoping to power through without the Reese's, using just our locally sourced peanut butter. And when things were better post-Covid, people we knew would make trips back to India and we'd be able to get our hands on it again soon.
Hope didn't take us far. 
Problems started mounting up faster than I had imagined. Peanut Butter Marble cookies were breaking left right and centre, and we were not able to control the damage. By the time I could understand that this was happening due to the absence of Peanut Butter chips, the second wave of Covid happened.
And I lost all hope of getting Reese's anytime soon.
Not wasting any further time, I started working on trying to make my own Peanut Butter chips, doing experiments to make my homemade peanut butter chips retain the shape and the texture of Reese's and somehow salvage the PBM cookie, but it seems like it was all in vain.
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For a while in between, there was a sliver of hope again when randomly after an experiment the cookies stopped breaking. In fact, there was about good 6-8 weeks when we didn't hear of any transit breakage cookie and a lot of people we reached out for feedback were loving the Peanut Butter Marble Cookies 2.0.
I actually thought we were able to solve that problem. Turns out, it was just a temporary hit before many more misses to come. 
And so it breaks my heart to do this because it started with such an amazing, unique flavour that even the Peanut Butter haters used to enjoy, but we can no longer continue to serve it. 
The Peanut Butter Marble Cookie will be discontinued from our website at midnight tonight.
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Before I go, I'd just like to say that if you too have been disappointed by getting a broken Peanut Butter cookie, trust me that was not our intention at all and we'd like to apologise for it from the bottom of our hearts.
We hope you'd not write us off completely and give us another chance to make it up to you, this time with a Tri-Chocolate Ombre cookie instead of the Peanut Butter one in our Assorted & Dohful Special gift boxes!
To cope up with my sorrows, I'd like to treat you with something. Use coupon code BYE to get a flat 15% off site-wide on all Dohful Cookies.

till next time,