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NOV 2021

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Hi.  It's me.  Your online exterior design friend who hasn't written in many weeks but thinks of you often.  
Lots of new faces here since I last wrote, so as a quick refresher:
  • I design houses - mostly exterior materials and specializing in mid-century & ranch homes, but I also do interiors on occasion.  I used to design Yachts everyday, and still do sometimes.  My goal with design is to help you make sense of it all, empower you to feel confident in your own decisions about your house, and to make the world feel just a little bit more pulled together.
  • I'm from the West (Montana), but have lived in the South (Georgia & Florida) for a very long time, which means I now eat my chicken fingers with both ranch AND hot sauce.
  • I believe in both science and equity. Please feel free to unfollow if you don't, or if you're not open to learning how do better along with me. No need to announce your departure.
  • My not-so-guilty pleasures include: smart and snappy romance novels, fancy at-home dinners for no reason, and using credit card miles to upgrade any travel experience.
  • I use making and organization as a mechanism to keep my mental health in line. I love a list.
  • I don't have kids, but reached my truest form when I became an Auntie.
  • I had the misfortune to fall madly in love with a Red Sox fan, and we've been married for over 20 years.  Brian is the sounding board to all my crazy ideas, the person who makes me laugh the hardest in the world, and the reason I've seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture more than 10 times.
  • Speaking of unfortunate sports affiliations, I was born a Nebraska College Football fan, and believe that every year can be a rebuilding year. On Saturdays in the Fall you will find me yelling at whatever B1G or SEC game happens to be on TV that day.
  • My long-term INFJ life goals involve a small, secluded, modern mountain cottage with really good wi-fi for work, a cozy screened porch and a generously sized hot tub.
I've missed you guys.
Life lately has been an exhausting whirlwind - not only because I've been booked solid (cannot say enough thanks!) but because life is still shifting and settling and feels uncomfortably new and unknown in places. 
I heard someone else refer to right now as this weird ”The Pandemic Is Over But It Is Most Certainly NOT Over Is This Just Life Now" period and YES, this is 100% correct.   Its just real weird.
I've also been really struggling of late with my relationship to social media - both as a creator and a consumer.  Lots of influencer and brand unfollows, and lots of blocking and hiding.  Cutting way back on my use in general. Trying to decide what feels right, and healthy, for me. 
But life marches on, and we continue to care for each other, preparing for the holidays, resting when we can and always gathering…



Here are the other things that have been getting me by these days.  I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.

Thank you so much for following along, First name / friend!
I'm so glad you're here.
And hey, if you're looking for some thoughtful design help for your overwhelming project, we should work together!
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