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Our capacity is limited while disruptions and detours are unlimited.  It's a truth. 
But somewhere we decided it wasn't completely true [at least for some of us] and we should be able to grit through to deal with all that comes our way.
    And then we form habits.
How you and I interact with those disruptions can often be reactive versus responsive, especially when our capacity is running low.
The results can be devastating.
Ever think about how much capacity could be conserved [and actually created] by behaviors and habits that are coming from more intention and less regret?
a practical tool
The question is:
Are our habits and behaviors building or sabotaging the very connections we need to accomplish the work?
My clients inspired designing these 10 evergreen principles that… 
-conserve capacity
-build resiliency
-reveal greater purpose
-offer insight on impact
-grow connection
…all things needed to recruit, retain and invite high levels of engagement.
the principles
consistent beliefs or ideas that guides behaviors and attitudes. 
the prompts
curious questions to emerge awareness of how behaviors and attitudes impact the experience of self and others.
the practices
experiments to practice tangible actions that can transform organizational cultures, workplace environments and experiences.
 The cards are a tangible strategy that prompt us to practice a principle over and over again because behaviors are transformed by repetition. 
One and done trainings leave people we lead exhausted, ultimately disengaged and discouraged.  
Creating conversations that build capacity is essential to recruit, retain and engage even in the midst of disruption and detours.
       Here's to leading with less regret and more intention!
Sandy gave us a place 
to start and 
a vocabulary to use. 
       -nonprofit board member
 I specialize in individualizing training, consults, coaching and tools so they are relevant to what organizations need to elevate the mission and authentically connect the people who make the mission happen.  
Let's explore the potential of your mission fiercely focused!