You have everything you need within you. I'm here to help you tap in.
Learn to let your inner wisdom guide you to your truest 
and deepest sense of well-being and purpose.
You know that feeling you keep getting that it's time 
to expand? It’s real, and it means you’re ready to become 
a conscious participant in your own unfolding.
You’re evolving, and you’re noticing a disconnect between who you're becoming and your day-to-day experience. You’re looking for ways to close the gap, but after trying different self-care practices and wellness modalities, nothing seems to stick. 
There’s something more for you to tap into, but you’re not sure how to access it. The result? Feeling stuck, unclear and out of alignment with your purpose.
Your sense of well-being doesn't have to be fleeting. It's time for a new approach that's guided by the unique wisdom only you can tap into – your intuition.
It's time to close the gap between your intellectual understanding of self-care and what it means to be well and how it feels to truly embody your well-being – mind, body and spirit. 
The Self-Empowered Path is here. 
The Self-Empowered Path is based on Self-Empowered Well-Being, WorthyWell's unique approach to honing your intuition and tuning into the wisdom of your body to self-inform your deepest and truest path to expansion and purpose. 
We begin from an empowered place that honors your inherent wholeness as I support you using proven tools and practices, including modern wellness modalities, ontological coaching, energy healing and my own inner-knowing.
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This is for you if…
  • You’re ready to step into a deeper level of growth that transforms what you thought was possible in your life.
  • You desire compassionate support and accountability to help you step into more fulfillment and purpose.
  • You want to get unstuck and into aligned action around your dreams and goals.
  • You’re ready to tap into and explore your inner wisdom to help self-inform your most aligned path.
  • You want to cultivate a deeper connection to your 
    highest self.
  • You desire a deeper sense of self-love and worthiness that overflows into your relationships with others.
  • You want to learn empowering tools and practices to 
    help you move through fear, doubt, and uncertainty with courage and love.
  • You desire a deeper sense of self-trust for clearer, more aligned decision making.
  • You’re ready to explore your intuition as a tool to help 
    you expand into your highest expression.
  • You believe there’s more to life than your present-day experience and you’re ready to expand your vision.
3 months of weekly, 60-minute sessions, your intentional, 
set-aside space for self-(re)discovery, self-inquiry, self-love, and self-empowerment.
50+ guided self-inquiry tools to help move you through limiting beliefs, fear and uncertainty as you expand your vision of what's possible.
Access to WorthyWell’s unique Self-Empowered Well-Being 
framework to move you from stuck to embodied.
5 Unblock + Flow Energy Healing sessions, a life-changing practice to help you connect deeply with your highest self.
Music recommendations to encourage and support you along the way.
Messaging access for support between sessions.
A forever expanded sense of self-trust, self-love, 
possibility and alignment.
*Only ten spots available.
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