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How to resume normal work without catching the Wuhan virus? Some high-tech products have helped
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How to stop the illegal policies and abuses by any gov offices and Woke Organizations so as to Reduce the power of the NAZI Communist Dictatorship in our own city and nation?

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HORROR! Biden Regime Sends FBI Jackboots to Break Down Door of School Board Activist Sherronna Bishop - Cuff Her and Abuse Her Children (VIDEO) 
Click the above to watch the video;  Learn more from the videos below about this:
Illegitimate Biden Regimes Terrorize Americans
China Is Where America Is Headed - Our Elites Have Replicated Their Lordship
Ilhan Omar Should Be Off Congressional Committees
Episode 1,427 – Rittenhouse/FBI Raids On Gold Star Mothers
FBI Used Unnecessary Brute Force On America’s Mom Founder
Hunter Biden helped grease the wheels for a Chinese business to buy up key rare-earth minerals used in batteries for electric vehicles.
We Demand Kyles Law!
UPDATE: Ranking Members of the House Committee on the Judiciary, House Oversight, and Senate Subcommittee on Investigations Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. James Comer, Sen. Ron Johnson, sent a letter to the Attorney General of the United States asking questions about the FBI raid.
'The FBI - an apparent retrieval service of lost Biden family embarrassments - also did not disclose that it had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop at a time when the media was erroneously declaring the computer inauthentic.'
Gov. DeSantis signs legislation prohibiting COVID vaccine mandates in Florida | WEAR
Injustices by the Justice Department. Exclusive Guest, Bob Costello, Steve Bannon's Attorney
How to reduce the Violent Crimes + Terrorist attacks + Illegal Votes + Corruption + Illegal Immigrants + Slave Labor Encouraged by the policies and law pushed by the Slave-using Globalist Elites (including many of the Dem Party members and RINOs) Cabal in the U.S
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Prosecutor Reminds The World Of "All The Awful Things Joseph Rosenbaum Did"
Click above and below to Learn more about this topic:
The 3 criminals who committed crimes before they were shot by Kyle in Aug/2020
This video shows that Kyle Rittenhouse peacefully walking with injured protesters & offering to help with any injuries as an ENT before he was attacked by 3 felons. Facebook spent 1 year deleting anyone who posted this video. Pure Evil
This show covers lots of details about the court decision on Kyle's case
After #Rittenhouse was found not guilty, #antifa in Portland, Ore. organized a direct action where they tried to storm the Justice Center in order to burn it down. A local news crew documenting the attack was threatened & assaulted.
People saying Rittenhouse would be found guilty if he were black ought to read about the Coffee verdict, which, as it happens, also came down today. Coffee FIRED ON DEPUTIES during a raid, made a self defense case, and won.
The Killing Of Americans With Fentanyl
A delivery driver sent this to me. He recorded another driver get punched & his cell phone snatched in the busy street in San Francisco
Nov. 19, 2021- Fox Nation host Lara Logan reacts to the continued fallout over the Biden administration's handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
How to fight back against the NAZI Communist brainwash pushed by the LEFTY media and education organizations Controlled by the Slave-using Globalist Elites Cabal in North America?
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Citizen Journalism Saved Kyle Rittenhouse in the court
Click the above to watch;  Learn more about these facts on this topic below: 
This shows covers this news: President Trump published one coffee table book about his presidential work "Journey Together"
The NBA openly takes the side of child molesters and domestic abusers who violently attack and chase a young man, and pretends they were “peacefully” protesting…
CNN Is Worried - Suddenly Reports "New Details" Following Rittenhouse Verdict (VIDEO)
Nov. 17, 2021 - The Fox News contributor discusses PolitiFact's 'fact-check,' Joy Reid's defense of Biden’s approval rating, and YouTube censoring court streams and commentary
Eight nations have suspended Covid-19 vaccines for younger age groups due to risk of heart inflammation.
This image can help you understand why the North America media and Biden Regime have pushed Wuhan Virus Mandates everywhere!!
They doxxed and fired this guy months before his retirement because he donated $10 to Kyle's legal defense fund.
We need more businesses to just do this
Funny image mocking Vaccine Mandates !
Great hiring job post!
Nov. 19, 2021 - Kara Danksy discusses how Democrats' obsession with issues around gender identity and sexual orientation could have 'devastating' effects on women and girls
Dan Ball W/ PhD Bio-Scientist, Dr. David Wiseman, COVID Corruption, 11/19/21
DAO bids $40M on the Constitution, Startup Checklist: Operational best practices, Gen Z VCs
CNN is NOT real journalism based on many Wall Street Investors!

The latest news about 2020 Election audit results  + Support these MAGA candidates to win the Political Positions in the U.S. in coming elections to improve the lives of Most Americans!

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It was an Honor to join patriots outside AG Brnovich’s office this week in support of Operation Join the Suit. On November 23, 2021, a lawsuit drafted by Kurt Olsen will be filed in the Supreme Court of the United States asking the Court to examine certain evidence establishing the existence of substantial widespread fraud in the November 2020 presidential election. 
  Learn more on this topic from the videos above and below
Republicans continue to push for election integrity and the GOP chair in a Michigan county is ramping up calls for a full forensic audit of 2020 before next year’s midterms. One America’s Christina Bobb has more.
Several Republican Reps Signed Their Political Obituaries
Trump tells SecretsBedard 'These proud accomplishments stand in stark contrast to the destruction of our country taking place right now.'
Last year when no one would stand up for Kyle, one Christian from the Midwest stepped up to pay his bail so that Kyle could finally go home to be with his mother

How can MAGA supporters change the GOP into MAGA party that dares to fight for the interests of America?

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Click the above image to watch this video! 


Learn about the details on pushing MAGA people into Republican candidate and leadership:

Learn about the operations of U.S. Republic Party so as to push MAGA supporters into the leadership roles of the GOP and all levels of government offices:

        OANN GA Gubernatorial Run with Vernon Jones

The following talks are chilling warning to Americans from the survivors of NAZI and Communist dictatorship!

People's suffering under NAZI Communist dictatorship social systems dreamed and promoted by the brainwashed ignorant or evil lefty people in the western countries who have never lived under such dictatorship social system
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Communist China Is Trying To Destroy, Overwhelm, And Takeover
Learn more on this topic from the videos above and below
The CCP Is Showing That They Can Discipline The President Of The United States
Today, we learned from China CCP internal information about the facts that pushed China CCP Leader in 1980 - Deng Xiaoping to make serious economy reform in China around 1990; Deng told his family members around 1990 the following point: Around 1990, he saw the following TV news report:  When the Communist Party leaders in Soviet Union were moving out of the Soviet Union Communist Party building in Moscow, huge amount of Soviet Union people surrounded the building and yelled at these party leaders leaving the building and also throw garbage at them; Even though the people's living standard and quality in Soviet Union is much better than that of the people in China, but the people still hate the Communist Party and its leaders so much; His heart is deeply troubled and hurt by this news; He did not want himself, his family members and his CCP to face such bad fate later in his life. So, he believe that the only way to change this bad fate of China CCP is to improve the life of Chinese people towards the living standard of American people from 1990; 
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