"We are pretty much game for the things that will come towards us in life":
an interview with Krishan & Sheshadrie
LOVI has had the privilege of being a part of so many special wedding days and our commitment has become even more important during these past two years. Even though plans have had to be postponed and events scaled down, we believe in being the reassuring friend that makes you feel and look your best. 
This week we interview LOVI Groom, Krishan Perera and his wife Sheshadrie Priyasad as they talk about enjoying a stress-free wedding ceremony and love conquering over adversity.    
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How did you two meet?
K: I’d known her for some time – we started dating properly about 3 ½ years ago. We had both come out of divorces and once that happened her sister actually asked me what I thought about her. I said I had no intentions of going out (!) but I didn’t mind talking to her… so that led us to where we are now.
Krishan, were you nervous to pop the question?
K: I was not nervous because we had both come through a lot of hardships and had been through a lot of bad patches in life together. I think as a team we are quite strong, so I was pretty confident! I proposed on her birthday, last year on December 2nd at church.
So what was your wedding ceremony like?
K & S: To be honest we didn’t even have a function, we just had a registration in church with immediate family. The only stress was trying to do it before the lockdown! We actually managed to get registered in the morning and lockdown went into full effect that night!
In terms of a celebration, we plan to have a small dinner for family and friends for Sheshadrie’s birthday next month but that’s about it. It was so simple and stress-free we loved it! 
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Thank you for choosing LOVI as your wedding attire! Was there a particular reason for this choice?
K: I’ve always been a fan of the LOVI so for the photoshoot we did after the wedding I was privileged to have a LOVI sarong done by Asanka - I’m a huge fan of the product. 
Sheshadrie how about you? Why did you choose Nayoma Wijesinghe to design your bridal outfit?
S: My beautician, Subash Abeywickrama, was actually the one who chose Nayoma for the wedding photoshoot that we did. I too had worked with her earlier so I was happy - I already knew she was a good designer, I was comfortable and the fit was really good.
For my wedding ceremony, I actually always wanted to wear a simple Indian sari so we got it from Dilki Weerasinghe. I went to her boutique and they initially showed me all these “bling bling saris” and I said ‘No, I want something very simple!’ So we found a sari which was a plain-gold/white mix and had a simple design. I didn’t have a veil because I didn’t want to look like a typical bride…I just wanted to look nice and feel comfortable because it was my day. I have to say I felt very pretty.  
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How did you both feel that day?

S: Actually I was tense the previous day (on the 19th) because we had got to know about the lockdown happening the following night. The wedding was scheduled for the 21st Saturday so we had to "pre-pone" it and call up everyone and get things sorted. I wasn’t upset though – everything was happening in church so I was praying to God. I had so much confidence and we got everything sorted.  
K :  A lot of emotions! We had both come a long way and to commit to a day where we were finally one and not just boyfriend and girlfriend was huge. We were both in bad relationships and had gone through a lot of dark times so settling down was a huge achievement. From that day on it was a new life for us – it was pretty exciting and we are pretty much game for the things that will come towards us in life.
From everyone at LOVI Grooms, we wish you both a lifetime of love! 
Thank you also to Nelum, Editor-in-chief of Mangalyaa Magazine.

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