Google released news about a huge update to their algorithm! Want to find out how it affects you?

Google is making some changes!
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I know you're being flooded with Black Friday promos, but I promise this isn't one of those emails. Some news came out late last week, and I want to fill you in ASAP so you can make plans before the changes go into effect! And hopefully give you a couple of ways to prepare. 
So, Google likes to release these fancy-schmancy algorithm updates every so often. And news of a BIG one just dropped. 
Here's the deal: Google knows that people have been gaming the SEO system for years. People (and sadly, some of my fellow writers) have been using old-school techniques like keyword stuffing and content blasting to rank higher in Google. And while that content might appear at the top of page one, it’s not actually better for the user. So, Google has finally taken steps to end these practices…but you just might get caught in the crossfire if you're not careful. Yikes!
The Google algorithm has been getting smarter every year, but it’s finally being programed to identify these hastily created, keyword-packed pages. And now these pages full of bad content written not for the user, but for the seller, are going to start getting demoted. 
While this might sound a little scary at first, it's actually the secret to new success on Google…as long as you prepare! Stellar written content is now YOUR TICKET to better search engine rankings. No keyword magic or SEO weirdness. Just drop dead amazing written content!
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But what does this all mean? Specifically? 
Let's break it down. Here are some of the criteria from the recently-updated list Google will now use to determine if content is good and worthy of promotion:
  • Is this the sort of page you'd want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?
  • Is this content written by an expert or enthusiast who demonstrably knows the topic well?
  • Does the content have any spelling or stylistic issues?
  • Was the content produced well, or does it appear sloppy or hastily produced?
  • Does content display well for mobile devices when viewed on them?
  • Does the content seem to be serving the genuine interests of visitors to the site or does it seem to exist solely by someone attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines?
Read the full list here.
That’s right—Google even cares about spelling these days! And all those blogs you were thinking of tossing together in half an hour? Yeah…might want to rethink that if you don't want to see your site demoted. So, print out this list, tape it above your desk, and start writing great content!
* record scratch *
* freeze frame *
But there’s one teeny tiny problem. You’re too busy to produce expertly-written content like this. You have a family and a photography business and a billion little things to get to. Writing is friggin’ hard, so how are you going to wrangle the extra brain cells from the end of the day to put some great content together? 
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Well, that's where we come in!
In early 2022, there will be a few ways you'll be able to work with me to get your written content on the "write" track. 
First, the Signature Two-Day Experience for Photographers is the most surefire way to get written content that checks all the boxes while building a bond between you and your ideal client. However, I only have seven spots left between January and February, with a several month break coming starting in March. So, if you're hoping for a website rewrite before June, now's the time to schedule your consultation!
If you don't feel ready to invest in custom content for your business, an option is coming just for you! You'll have to do all the writing (which totally sucks, I know) but I'll work with you for 90 minutes to identify problem areas, set a direction for your voice, and get you started. Keep ya eyes peeled in early December for info on this limited offer !
And finally, if you just want to get started today on conquering all those blog posts that have been piling up, the blog template bundles are ready and waiting for you!

Haven't checked out the blog template bundles yet? Just click your style to grab the bundle created just for you! 

I don't want to scare you, but with these Google updates, quality written content is now going to be the key to great rankings. Without it, you might see your previously well-ranked content start to drop. And that's the LAST way we want you to ring in the new year!
These updates are actually a good thing, I promise! They mean your hard work is finally going to get rewarded while content farms and halfhearted creators are going to fall behind. We just have to make sure you're prepared.
So, if you have any questions about these updates or the services that can help you thrive in the midst of these changes, shoot me an email! I'd love to hear from you and help you get ready for the bright new days ahead!

xo, Erica