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If you've read my blog post this week, you know that this is finally the week where I'm hoping to rejoin normal life. It's been a crazy month or two with little sleep and way too many projects (95% due to launching the Airbnb!), but the light is finally shimmering through at the end of the tunnel. But I have a newsletter for y'all today. So, that's a good thing.
I've still got a few busy, meeting-filled days of work ahead before the holiday, but I hope most of you are easing into the break and taking some well-deserved time off.
And, if you do have some down time this week, here are a few articles I've written recently. Check them out!
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what I'm reading

First, a caveat: I collect articles to share throughout the week…except I haven't sent out a newsletter in 3.5 weeks. So, not all of these are brand new. But they're all great reads.
The Show Must Go On: A second year of the pandemic won't stop this holiday classic. Here's how the Nutcracker is adapting during the pandemic.
Things Are Looking Similar Around Here: If you've ever casually perused the food blogger scene, you know everyone copies each other. Often with minimal credit. But when does it cross the line?
The Cost of Being Single: Perhaps it's because I lived with roommates until I was 30 because life was so expensive, but, even though I'm married now, these articles still hit home for me. 
Do You Need a Logo?: I love branding, obviously. I've been having a blast with it with the river cottage. But do you need a personal logo?
Unapologetically Southern Holiday Decor: James Farmer's words, not mine. However, everything he does is design perfection, so we'll go with it.
Hope Cheesecake Wasn't On Your Holiday Menu: This cream cheese shortage, y'all. What on earth is going on? FWIW, the item I've noticed a shortage of: ironing boards.
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coffee of the week
classic cappuccino
Sometimes you just want a classic and, when I'm at the river without all my extracts and accoutrements, a classic is all I have access to. So, I'm leaning into the simplicity of a classic cappuccino. Crafting a cappuccino is all about the ratio: ⅓ espresso, ⅓ steamed milk, ⅓ frothed milk. That's it. With those three in perfectly rationed amounts, you'll have a cup of creamy goodness.
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