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I know you care about building discipline into your days while clearing out distractions, so I wanted to share an app with you that has changed my life.
At the end of the summer, I was feeling isolated and unproductive in my work. I felt like my brain was all over the place, and there was little to no accountability for whether I was checking things off my ever-growing to-do list. I felt stuck, especially as a new mom who was trying to figure out how to work and be present to my babe at the same time.
I discovered Groove when I was researching apps that offered virtual co-working. It’s a global community of creatives reaching their goals through the power of accountability, focus, and encouragement.
Here’s how it works:  Each “Groove” is 50-minutes long. A small group of 2-4 people gathers to work and keep one another accountable. You pick something you want to focus on for that 50 minutes, and boom- you instantly have others across the world to cheer you on and support you along the way. It’s the perfect app for beating distractions while cultivating authentic relationships with people around the globe. 
I started “grooving” during Novi’s nap time, and my overwhelm over “not getting things done” was instantly zapped as I plugged into Groove. I’ve completed over 200 grooves in the last few months. That is over 10,000 minutes of completely focused work! I’ve tackled hard tasks, I’ve invested in bigger dreams, and I’ve met some of my favorite people on the planet through this app.
Groove has changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. This email isn’t sponsored in any way. I just reached out to the team at Groove and asked how I could intentionally tell others about this app. I always want to be mindful of sharing the current thing making my life better, easier, or simply more fun with you. For months now, Groove has been that thing.
Whether you work for yourself (like me), you’re a busy college student needing to cram for exams, or you’re someone who has a lot of goals but wants to carve out more time to accomplish them-- Groove might be that golden ticket for amplifying your productivity. I’d love for you to consider joining their beta community (it’s totally free) and trying out a Welcome Groove to experience it for yourself!
There is still a few weeks left in 2021, and I know there’s something on your list you said you wanted to accomplish this year. How about plugging into Groove to make it happen? I know of a community of go-getters who are waiting to cheer you on. 
keep fighting forward,
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