There’s something
I need to tell you, my friend.
Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are doing good this fine evening! I'm here to confess something to you. 
We are actually running short of our ‘I was made just for you’ boxes. These are our 4 and 5 cookie boxes that go out in almost all your orders. 
The shortage is not a permanent thing, just for the next couple of days till we get our stock back again. We have noticed that most of you have 2 boxes of cookies in your orders anyway, so I thought of coming here & asking you for a favour. 
If its okay with you, please add the coupon code ONEBOX when you place your order this week. This will let us know that you are okay with us sending your order in the large 10 cookie box. 
What this means is say you order 2 Assorted Cookie boxes, we will put the same cookies that we would have put in the smaller boxes in the large box & ship it to you. 
If you order say 1 Box of Choco Brownie Cookies & 1 Box of Nutella Lava Cookies, we'll do the same & put 4 Brownie Cookies & 4 Nutella cookies in the same large box for you. 
Basically, you'll receive a one big box instead of 2 small ones when you do this. 
And what's in it for you? Well, to apologise for the pain we are causing you, this coupon code ONEBOX will give you a flat 15% OFF on ordering 2 boxes of cookies.
Before I go, I can't tell you how embarrassed I am, coming to you with this, but looking forward to your support in the next few days. Thank you so much for reading & not being too mad at us!