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December 2021
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Dear First name / Friend,

Wow, what an amazing start to my week - we've had almost 100 photographers apply for the Eye Candy Photography Scholarship (which I emailed about on Monday)! So many of you are unbelievably talented and shared such lovely, heartfelt essays about why you should be chosen, it's going to be nearly impossible to pick a winner. We are already talking about offering it again next year!
Scholarship Applications close Thursday at Midnight, Central Time, so apply TODAY or you might miss out on the chance to be part of this amazing opportunity!

Quick Tip - Free Lighting Lesson Video from the Wings Mentorship!

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For this month's Quick Tip, I thought it would be good to share a video from the Wings Mentorship so you can get a feel for the quality of the course content. This is one is from the lesson titled “Finding the Light, Finding the Magic” where I cover how I find and expose for all the kinds of natural light I use at an Equestrian Portrait Session. 
In this video, I share how I make silhouettes, but not just with the kind of light you find during golden hour. You can also use a barn doorway to create a silhouette like the one above! You can watch the video for free here until Monday, December 20th.

New Video Blog - Mind Blowing Lightroom Masking Tools!

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Do you remember last month when I shared about Lightroom's New Masking Feature? The more I used it and learn about how crazy amazing it really is, I just had to make a YouTube video about it. If you are a Lightroom user, you need to check out these powerful new tools!

What I'm Reading and Listening To…

“The fact that our world is so saturated with beauty, breathtaking in so many ways great and small—this ought to let you know God feels it’s something you need for your survival.”
John Eldredge
“Get Your Life Back”
  • Get Your Life Back, John Eldredge
    Have you ever read a book that feels like it was written for you at the very moment in time you picked it up? That's what “Get Your Life Back” by John Eldredge feels like for me. 

    As you know, I shared last month a bit about my struggle with high functioning anxiety. One of the things for me that triggers it is too much time on social media. So when a friend recommended this book to me, I downloaded it the day my next Audible credit became available. I've already bought the Kindle version as well because I want to re-read it and highlight the parts that really speak to me. 

    It's about finding ways to unplug and feed your soul on beauty. Things that really hit for me right now. Here's also a horseman, so there are some great analogies and stories with horses. 😁

Wings Mentorship Registration Opens MONDAY!

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Watch your email inbox Monday morning because I'll be giving you, my Journal readers, the first chance to enroll before I share about it on social media. Space is limited to 20 members so you won't want to miss it.


I sincerely hope you are enjoying the Pegasus Journal. If you know of another photographer you think might benefit from these emails, would you consider sharing it email with them? Thank you!


And, as always, if there's anything I can do to help you grow as a photographer, please reach out by hitting reply to this email. 😊


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