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“How can I lead with joy?”
Hi there First name / my love!
Someone in my Boundaries for BIPOC group reminded me of something I did almost a year ago: I documented what brought me joy for 30 days.
Why did I do this???
This wasn't a simple gratitude challenge. It was to reveal what brought me joy on a daily basis.
Here were some of my entries from last year:
  • Vera (my cat) diving head first into a CPK bag
  • Not going to a meeting I was supposed to attend
  • Grounding yoga
  • Seeing trees with the sunset
  • Finishing a post for The Healing Hype
  • Telling a colleague about a Ted talk
  • Marco Polo-ing with my friend
  • Stopping work early
  • Calling my boyfriend
Thinking back on these now feels so beautiful. Because it isn't just in the words, it's about the joy it brought to me which was: connecting with people I love, grounding myself, holding boundaries, doing work that lights me up, and, most importantly, my cats!
This told me how I can lead with joy when I made decisions, needed to take a break, or wanted to connect with someone. Because of this, I make conscious decisions to lead with my joy instead of being asleep about it.
This is why I feel called to do this again for 2021! But I don't want to do it alone this time. Will you join me?
You can do this with me in one of two ways (or both!)
  1. Find me on Voxer (it's a chat app where your phone number is not shared) @nishamody. Message me and I'll add you to a private group where we can all share our daily joys together, the group is already growing! 🎉
  2. Share your daily JOY with the IG story template below. Save it, change the day number, and type in your joy(s), add emojis, gifs, whatever floats your boat! Feel free to tag me @healinghypegirl so I can share your JOY!
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And this is all for free! I love to connect with you all, and I hope to see you on the Voxer group and/or on the gram!