a few of our favorite december things…
¡Hola, colegas!  We hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break.  Here are some ready-to-go-resources to help you teach during the next few weeks leading up to the holidays. 
Have you seen the new movie EncantoEncanto is a wonderful movie that you can use along with our movie guide to teach about Colombian culture, holidays, foods, rainforest animals, famous Colombians, dances and more!  
We also just finished our Vivo movie resources with Cuba unit.  Vivo
 shows the beauty of Cuban culture, music, and true friendship.  Both the 
Encanto and the Vivo movie guides with culture units are a great way to end the year!
Finally, see if any of these holiday resources and digital units for Christmas
Our Lady of Guadalupe and New Year's Eve will be useful to you.
Let us know how we can help you find time-saving resources.  We look forward to hearing from you.   Happy Holidays!
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all the best in your teaching endeavors,
Amy & Katie
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