First name / Friend, today is the first day of the last month of the year. Here at Arwani Law Firm, we like to take this time to review our goals from the past year and see exactly how we can maneuver our efforts to finish our year strong. It has always been beneficial to set up goals or “resolutions” at the beginning of each year in order to have a clear timeline of the progress done towards it. However, goal-setting is a skill that can be done at any point of the year. Experts on the science of goal-setting tactics explain that the best time to start is always right now! Set yourself up with milestones along the way to track the progress of where you are. Remember, a goal can be as enormous in outreach as it can be small or personal to you. If you want to practice gratitude, set a goal every morning to be thankful about everything you have in your life. If you want to be fit, set a goal to walk before or after work consistently. A goal can be as simple as not hitting the snooze button on your alarm. Every small victory gets you closer to your overarching objective. So let us hear at Arwani Law Firm inspire you to finish the year strong and use the perfectly established timeline of the New Year inspire you to create a new list of goals with achievable milestones throughout the year. Stay safe. 

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stay safe & Healthy,

Rania Arwani

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Just Awesome!

-Uche E

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