Hello there,
How are you this fine evening? Today is going to be a very interesting one, so I hope you have your cookie in one hand and coffee in the other, ready to dive into this flashback episode with me!
So this happened in late 2018 when we were just getting started. We had just 2 aims back then - spread the word about Dohful Cookies & take feedback to improve our cookies. And both were proving to be a lot more difficult than we had imagined!
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Soft baked cookies weren't a thing back then. In fact, any cookies weren't a thing back then. So even though we knew which kind of cookies we wanted to serve, there was always a sliver of doubt.
And because we wanted to keep our cookies real, genuine, as authentic as possible, we were always looking to get more and more feedback, especially from people who might have tried the cookies in other countries & could tell us how our cookies fared in comparison to those.
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In this search somewhere, Chaman came across a Youtuber couple (called Babe Where's My Passport) who were vlogging their way across India at the time. We decided to get in touch with them, to get feedback on our cookies.
They were from England and would have had way more cookies than anyone I personally knew (atleast at the time!). And their feedback could definitely help us take our cookies from good to Wow, That's Amazing! 
So, we reached out to them, told them about us & offered to send them cookies in exchange for their feedback. Turns out, they were in Delhi only at the time, leaving for Amritsar the next day! 
Talk about stroke of good luck!
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Both Chaman & I rushed to meet them with a box of our cookies. We met them outside their hotel, and the first thing they asked me was how come I decided to start making soft baked cookies in India. 
We actually ended up standing there for more than 30 minutes talking about various things like their life in England, our life here in India, what made them take up traveling as a career and much more.
Though my memory faulters me in a lot of details (signs of aging?), I still remember having the most pleasant smile on my face as I left from there. They had also graciously accepted the cookies, and promised us to put the feedback in one of their vlogs if they liked the cookies. 
the box of cookies we gave them..
We used to
have just 4 
cookies in the 
Assorted Box 
back then!
They had mentioned to us that they'll be unboxing the cookies & shooting everything the next day on their train to Amritsar, so in my mind, I thought wow…I'll get to know their thoughts on the cookies tomorrow.
But that tomorrow came & went, nothing happened! 2 more days went by and still nothing. 
I was sure they hated our cookies. And the feeling kept sinking in me like anything. I didn't know if I should ask them…I mean what if it confirmed my worst fears? 
Luckily, they messaged us 3 days later, totally embarrassed. The box of cookies we gave them got left behind at the hotel when they were leaving for Amritsar. They had a lot of stuff, they wanted to keep the box handy so thought of picking it up with their hand luggage in the morning…etc. etc…long story short, they never tried the cookies!
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My frown turned upside down and I almost shouted in joy!! There was still hope for Dohful Cookies!
We told them to not worry about it and that we'd like to give them another box of cookies when they came back. But this time their Delhi stop was just touch and go as they were leaving for London just the next day.
We somehow managed to get the cookies delivered to them in time and they opened that box on their flight back to London! Not just that, they loved the cookies so much that they did put a review in their video.
And what a review that was! I remember we got 10 orders the day that video came out. And it was huge for us at that time. More than we could have ever hoped for. 
But more than all of that, both Theodora & Graham loved the cookies. They specially called us from London after they reached to let us know. In fact they couldn't believe that the cookies we gave them were eggless, they were that good. 
And that was all we needed to hear!! Check out the review they gave us in the video below.

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till next time,