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“Does my business need to be on InstagraM?”
Happy Monday, First name / friend!
I hope your December is off to a good start. We just got a dump load of snow overnight here in Gore Bay so it's definitely looking like the Christmas season now.
I wanted to pop in your inbox to chat about a question I get from a lot of small business owners: 
“Do I have to have an Instagram account for my business?”
There's really no straight answer for this, but here are 3 questions I ask to help them get clear on what platforms they should be present on for their business:
Does your ideal client/customer spend more time on Instagram than any other social media platform?
A good indicator of this is their age range. If your ideal client is someone in their late 40's then your time would be best used creating a post or ad on Facebook. Chances are that person doesn't spend a lot of time on IG. 
However, if you are looking to appeal to, let's say, 20-something newlyweds who are looking to book a honeymoon stay at a B&B, then I'd definitely recommend showcasing your business on Instagram.
Do you enjoy creating content for Instagram?
Is Instagram is totally foreign to you and the thought of learning it makes you anxious? If so, chances are you won't be motivated to stay consistent and create posts on a regular basis. 
I recommend sticking with platforms that are familiar to you and you enjoy spending time on. Otherwise, getting in the habit of posting 3 days/week will likely fall off the wayside.
Where are your current clients/customers connecting with you as things are?
If you aren't getting enough sales with your current marketing strategy and need to try something new, then it may be time to get on Instagram. But if you are happy with the amount of revenue your business is generating, and you are happy with your clientele then don't stress about not having and IG account.
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I hope this brought some clarity to you if you've been wondering if Instagram is something your business needs. 

Speak soon, friend!

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