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Get Involved with Student Media at Wright State!
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By combining classroom media knowledge, hands-on learning competencies, and local partnerships, Student Media at Wright State is designed to develop an atmosphere that creates tomorrow's media professionals.
There are two media organizations: The Wright State Guardian, the premier student news source, and WWSU 106.9 FM, the student-directed radio station.
Both are unique student organizations, each producing a variety of publications including broadcast, magazines, DJ entertainment, news, podcasts, video, web content, and other digital features. Together, they reach hundreds of thousands of people every year, delivering original content, information, entertainment, and more.
A Student-driven Philosophy
Student Media at Wright State fosters an environment of experiential learning and co-curricular engagement. These organizations serve the public trust and are free from censorship and prior restraint by the university. Student leaders are obligated to exercise responsibility in their offices, including professional behavior, diverse coverage, diligent investigation, and unbiased reporting.