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The last newsletter of the year! Sit back and enjoy the quick read!
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 Compass32 Travel wishes you a bright 2022!
As we reflect on our year, we are overwhelmed by what our small business (and local to some of you in Colorado) is capable of!  We have continued to book travel for our clients that return recharged and happy. 
We have gotten many, many referrals from returning clients and we thank you so much for trusting us to handle your friends and families dream vacations. We are never too busy for referrals!
Compass 32 Travel is not only your “go to” travel advisor for the best travel recommendations and inside secrets, but also a charter yacht broker.
 Because Compass32 Travel had the honor to become a part of the tight knit yachting industry, our standards for customer care and business ethics are held to the highest standards within the travel industry. It is a pleasure to serve you with the highest professionalism that you deserve.
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Proudly, Compass32 Travel is an active member of the Virgin Islands Professional Charter Association (VIPCA) and advocates for much of the
marine charter industry within the US Virgin Islands. VIPCA also provides youth training,
 assists in the development of industry standards for the continued growth and strength
of the charter industry within the US Virgin island territory.
Compass32 Travel, recently had the honor to be invited to be a part of the Mooring Committee in the USVI, which will be adding an additional two hundred mooring balls throughout the US Virgin Islands. We have already been put to work!
We know, we know… you are asking "what is a mooring ball?"
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Mooring balls are just that—floating balls onto which you can tie up to. Mooring balls are small buoys that are anchored to the seafloor below, typically with a large concrete block. Some mooring balls are cemented into piles deep below the water surface. Mooring balls have an eyelet on top where sailors can connect a bowline and tie up securely.
Why is this so exciting for Compass32 Travel to be a part of?
 The overall tourism industry is booming in the US Virgin Islands, which includes marine popularity. Due to the abundance of boats enjoying sunny Caribbean days, more mooring balls are needed to accommodate all the boats. 
We could not be more thrilled to be a part of such a great effort!
Not only did you learn something new today, you now know that Compass32 Travel is more than just your regular travel advisor. We know lots of things and are actively helping across the Caribbean.
We hope 2022 brings you to Compass32 Travel for all of your travel needs. You are in great hands with us and we will take care of every detail for you, from the moment you book, to even after you return home.
This year…
 go explore the streets in Italy…
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 … splurge for that over the water bungalow you have been dreaming of…
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…. or even go explore where land is still untouched in Antartica.
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Hurry and contact us…
Where is 2022 going to take you?
Warm regards,
Amy Terry
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