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2021 has flown by. Let's Recap!
In 2021 we have had the pleasure to give a second chance to 15 men and 5 women, offering them a bed in our discipleship homes. 
These men and women came to us seeking a better way of life after being released from jail, prison or the dead-end life style. While they were with us at New Beginnings, we helped to teach them to be independent, self-supporting, and stable under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. They have now moved on to the next season of their lives.
Not only have we had the pleasure to serve them, but we have also been blessed to hear positive reports about previous years graduates. 
Terry was sentenced to life in prison before he came to us. Eventually, he was granted parole and came to New Beginnings. A couple of weeks ago, Terry called us and told us he has now started a new career at the Indiana Department of Corrections, teaching inmates in prison how to transcribe brail. That was such a powerful testimony of what God has done through New Beginnings. His first-hand testimony, from someone whose life has been made better because of New Beginnings, was extremely inspiring to us. It serves as a reminder to us as to why it is so important to continue to do this work. We hope this inspires you to continue, or increase, your involvement.
We also want to take a moment to acknowledge our staff, donors, volunteers, and board members. We truly are appreciative of them as they continue to be the hands and feet of this organization and want to inspire others to rise up and join us in 2022!
Our Direction For 2022
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We will be looking for a Program Manager to run the Community service center. We will also need volunteers, If you feel like you might be interested in applying for the position or volunteering in any way please contact us (530)344-7878 We are SO excited to take this journey with you!
Click the video below to watch some of the latest life changing stories of our clients and volunteers!
And with that, we will send you off. Until next year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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-The Team at  New Beginnings