Dear Secret Santa…
Hey there,
Are you a Secret Santa this year?
If you don't know what that is, well, Secret Santa is a Christmas time gift exchanging game played by a group of people. Each member is assigned to bring a gift for another member of the group and who's bringing who a gift is usually kept anonymous, hence the name Secret Santa. 
In India, it is pretty commonly practiced in multi-national companies where team members become Secret Santas for each other. However these days, I see large groups of friends or even cousins forming their own Secret Santa groups! 
Honestly, I have never been a part of the Secret Santa clubs. Maybe because they are a recent phenomenon & I have been out of the corporate workforce for the past 7 years now. 
But I was always so so fascinated with it. That was until I realized how unimaginative gifts people receive each year. I have heard stories about receiving a Mouse, Pen Set, and even an over the counter earphones.
Yikes! Not what I'd like to receive as a gift either. 
So here I am, reminding you that you can send freshly baked, handcrafted Dohful cookies as your Secret Santa gifts for less than Rs. 500 (even lesser in some cases). 
And I can guarantee you, people would be singing your praises till the next Christmas for sure. So what are you waiting for, send your secret Santa gift now! 
P.S. - And if you'd like to add a customized note with your Secret Santa gift, look for a Special Instructions for Seller textbox that appears when you do Add to Cart.