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Hi First name / friend!
Ok first of all - yes, it’s the new year. BUT this is truly a choose your own adventure time to be alive ok? Advent is still in full swing all the way until the new year and beyond so you are ABSOLUTELY justified to sit in your sweatpants, sip your hot chocolate, and eat those leftover Christmas cookies by your tree for the next month if you want. As Taylor Swift so sagely tells us, we can leave our Christmas lights up till January because it is our house and WE make the rules. 
Alternatively, if you are ready to start that Whole 30 and clean your whole house and buy a new planner, well God speed then! What matters is that you whisper to your own self what YOUR body and heart and mind need. It might not be the same as it was last year, and that is okay. 
For me, I’m jetting off to NYC with my sister to party and celebrate my way into the New Year because I need a fresh thing and I need to celebrate the fact that we are still finding and reveling in joy no matter the circumstances. 
I would LOVE to know your intention for this week. Whatever it is, I celebrate it with you.
Such love for you all. 

xo, emily

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pocket of peace

just a little note on Christmas.. 
“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet” 
- Anne Frank
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coffee talk with em

Nothing makes me happier than a great recommendation. So here are a few of things that are sparking joy and bringing pockets of peace to my days. I hope you love these things as much as I do! Got a recommendation for our new Slow Down Sunday? Just reply to this email and tell me all about it! 
  1. While you’re resting this week, I must recommend this wintery magical background atmosphere for your smart TV:
  2. If you’re ready to conceptualize your New Year, I LOVE this video about how to get started with digital planning:
  3. I’ve wrapped up my Advent devotional and am LOVING this new devotion for the New Year from the same author. Beautiful.
  4. Sometimes a great Amazon rec is just the thing we need for jolt of joy. Using this makes me feel deeply fancy while I drink my water.
  5. Italian hot chocolate is my new obsession and I particularly love this recipe:
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