First name / Friend, we at Arwani Law Firm always want to encourage you to practice healthy habits in order to balance your physical and mental well-being. One tool that can help your overall health is mediation. Recently, mediation has become the topic of discussion and has been accepted by a variety of individuals all over the world. Recently, I took a course on mindful mediation with Headspace that mentioned a variety of intriguing ideas that might make someone more comfortable in a state of mediation. Here are a few:
  1. Focusing on your breathing is the easiest way to maintain focus during the mediation.
  2. It is quite alright for your mind to wonder, but whenever you notice, just refocus on your breathing.
  3. A mediation routine can be as long or as short as you would like; 10-minute mediations can be a part of your morning, mid-day, or nightly routine.
  4. Just Start! You will never know until you try it.
After all, we are all living in a high-paced world filled with assignments, due dates, and repetitive routines. Sometimes it helps to just take a moment, pause, and focus on your breathing. Deep, slow breathing can help to slow down the speed at which one constantly lives. And there is nothing better than clearing your mind, even if just for a moment. Stay safe. 

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stay safe & Healthy,

Rania Arwani

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Just Awesome!

-Uche E

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