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I could not be more excited to share the cover of my latest novel! When We Let Go releases in just FIVE months--5/17/22. The story begins in South Florida at Vizcaya and continues in Crystal, North Carolina, a fictitious town modeled after my beloved Beech Mountain. But how gorgeous is this cover?! This has to be my favorite of all of my books, and kudos to my publisher for nailing it on the first try. Can you spot the butterflies?
Here's the description. When Avery Beckett is proposed to by Jude Masters, a widowed father and the man she loves, it should be a time of great joy. Instead, Avery is on the edge. She’s wary of the idea of family, doubtful of happy endings, and too afraid to take the leap. It’s the kind of fear that comes from having secrets.
Before Avery commits to the life she deeply wants, she must reconcile with the life she left behind.
Returning to her childhood farm in the North Carolina mountains, Avery is saddled with a surprise companion: Jude’s teenage daughter Elle who’s grappling with the loss of her mother and the complicated emotions of first love. On a path of mending wounds and breaking down walls Avery and Elle form an unexpected alliance. It’s giving them the courage to move forward. And for Avery, everything she needs to confront the past.
An emotional tale of mothers and daughters, loss and acceptance, When We Let Go is about the lessons that come from heartbreak and the healing it takes to embrace the joy of a second chance.
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