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Dear Camp People,
One of our core values at Crossways is Community
Our mission statement begins with the words “bringing people together.” But community is more than proximity. It also means thinking about how our actions impact others and creating a space where all are included.
At camp, it means learning to compromise when choosing an afternoon activity or negotiating pizza toppings. It means learning how to share cabin space when you are used to having your own room. It means giving everyone a chance to speak, and genuinely listening to what they have to say.
The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged us to think about community in new ways. The very real risks posed by Covid aren't just personal; they are communal. We are balancing the needs of the individuals and groups that long to gather at camp with the needs of our public health systems and our staff. 
As best practices, laws, and the virus have changed, we have also changed our response. The board has approved new Covid protocols for 2022 that allow guest groups to have greater flexibility in choosing their mitigation techniques while also keeping our staff safe. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes when appropriate.
Summer Camp Registration Open!
Registration for Summer 2022 has begun! We are looking forward to a summer of gathering in person to share our lives and our faith. Sign up today:
Join Our Team: Summer Staff Applications Open
There's so many opportunities for you to grow into your future career, and more importantly, into who you are as a human being. We have experience working with summer staff and their colleges to count this incredible experience as an official internship. Watch this video to hear former staff explain why this is the best job ever. Apply today or share this opportunity with a young leader.
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At Crossways, we love Camp People -- the donors, advocates, and supporters who make this mission possible. Because of you, we are bringing people together in Christ, so that lives are changed and communities enhanced


Grace Abounds,

Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook,

executive director