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volume II Issue No. 1
December 31, 2021

Welcome to a new year, and a new newsletter style! Let me know what you think. Hopefully everything flows a little better this way.
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I recently started a new email signup for those interested in journaling. I'll be sharing way more of my bullet journal, recipe journal, and baby/motherhood journals there. It also comes with monthly journal prompts and exclusive free sticker sheets.
I am excited to have found this way to share even more with you.
So much of what I journal doesn't truly “belong” on the blog but would likely be even more helpful. I am the type to like real-life examples when I am looking for inspiration and this will allow me to share that. A separate space from this monthly newsletter makes more sense since everyone does not keep a journal; some of you enjoy memory keeping or snail mail much more. 
Just click the button below to get signed up for it all. 

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I participated in my first in-person market the weekend before Christmas. It was scary and uncomfortable but it felt like a perfect time to give something like that a try. You can read all about it on the blog if you're interested in seeing how it went, how I prepared, and if I'd do it again. 
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