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I found my way into coaching because I love connecting with women who are willing to say something's not working and I value myself enough to get to the bottom of it. My own story is one of self-examination and growth after giving birth to my fourth child and acknowledging that the pace I'd been living at wasn't serving me. It is from this personal transformation, and my journey to certification through Erickson Coaching International that I am equipped and called to support women as they lean into the life they actually want to live and then create the space to shift. 
All of my clients begin with a complimentary session, an opportunity for you and I to be formally introduced, and for you to get a sense of what a thoughtful, creative coaching session looks like. If after the first session, you would like to continue coaching with me, your investment is:
$90 per 45-minute session
$325 for a 45-minute, 4-session package
$600 for a 45-minute, 8-session package complete with resources, activities to do between weekly or bi-weekly meetings + support and access to me via Voxer
My work as a coach is to partner with you as you awaken to and activate your intrinsic worth, and find solutions based on the vision and values you hold for your life. From there, you'll have the power to more effectively make decisions, manage time, prioritize and move through change. I'm here for you!
awaken | activate | find solutions
I just have to say one more thing. . .
No matter how you got here or where you're going, I'd love to stay in touch. I'm over on Instagram with weekly encouragement, journal prompts and resources. Let's continue the journey together.
Can't wait to connect,
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