COme and let's release so we can gain 
Let's Grow together 
   I was listening to a church who shared this idea of the 100 Day Fast. Once this idea was explained it resonated with me because I know there are things I need to detox from. 
   Following this thought, I thought about all my sisters who may want to start the year off right as well. Therefore, I'm sharing this this idea with you to see if you would like to be a part of this AMAZING movement/community!
   Let me go on the record and say “No," you won't be starving for 100 days, lol. However, you will be starving that thing(s) you decide to give up. Which could be tv, sex, sweets, negativity, and more. 
If you like, SISSSSS, SAY NO MORE!
 Where do I signup at? 
Click the button below to join. 
Are you still undecided?
Is there anything tugging at your heart that you know it's time to get rid of?
Do you need to detox from any bad habits?
Are you tired of being sick of tired yet?
I can go on and on with questions. However, you know what needs to be done to liberate you and get you to the next level in life. 
By registering for this movement you will be joining a community of like minded women, building a sisterhood, and having accountability partners. 
Click that Registration button and Let's start the year off right!
2022 Crushing Goals
I believe this will be my new phrase for the New Year!
However, I did a thanggg to help us stay on task and be intentional. I designed a digital Goal Planner and I must say I am proud of it!
I know the power of manifesting through writing. I believe this planner will be a game changer for us in 2022!
Page has a line to write an I Am Grateful statement, goal(s), task to complete the goal(s), and more.
Yours and don't forget to use the coupon code “NEWME” to get 30% off
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