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Dear Tablespoon Friends and Guests,
I’m writing today to share some unfortunate news and to give you an update on the state of our business as we approach 2022. 
After a busy holiday season, we closed at 6pm last Thursday, December 23 for our annual holiday break. It was the start of a well deserved week off for our team. Around 9:30pm that evening, a candle caused a small fire in one of the residential apartments located directly above Tablespoon. Thankfully, the fire department responded almost immediately to put out the fire and no one was injured.
However, the sprinklers in the upstairs apartment went off. Unfortunately, all of this water came down through our ceiling, walls, floors and even down to the basement. I learned today from the fire investigator that these sprinklers usually disperse around 4-5 gallons of water per minute and that night they were running for around 30 minutes. There was A LOT of water. As a result, our beautiful new store has incurred severe water damage and needs extensive repairs and restoration.
We are grateful that Thompson Restoration responded within 2 hours of the incident and has been working nonstop since to mitigate the water damage. They have been incredible and even worked on Christmas Day. We are fortunate to have their state-of-the-art technology and tools working to dry our place out.
While they are the best in the business and are doing everything they can, unfortunately it’s not a quick fix. It is going to take quite some time to repair the floors, ceiling, walls and other damage. All of the floors have already been ripped out and we will have to wait for materials to arrive and for our contractors to get to work. Right now, we are waiting on the drying process and then we will get started on repairs once we get approval from the insurance company.
Frankly, I’m devastated. Those of you who have followed our business over the past 5 years know that it was a long and difficult road to even get this space open in the first place. We just can’t believe that something like this happened within our first 6 months of being open at 1731 Elm. I am so thankful for everyone who has reached out and offered to help, volunteered to come clean or just called and texted to show their support. It is truly appreciated. I am so sad about the destruction to our business but so lucky to know how many people we have in our corner.
We aren’t sure of the exact timeline yet, but as of now I expect that we will be closed through January at a minimum. Between the repair costs and the expenses we’ll incur as a result of having to temporarily close and reopen, it’s going to be a difficult few months ahead. Truthfully, I still need some time to process everything but next week we will start to figure out what the next few months look like for us and what we can offer while our store is shut down. We will keep you updated.
Our team is working as quickly as possible to offer solutions for all affected customers. To our January class ticket-holders and private event hosts, please keep an eye on your inbox for more information. Someone from our team will reach out soon.
We appreciate all of your support and patience as we rebuild once again. I know that we will come back from this stronger than ever, and I promise that we’re going to do something to celebrate once we re-open.
With hope for better days ahead,
Jordan Hamons & the Tablespoon Team