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Cheers to 2022!
Hello, friends!
“Begin Again.” I’ve always loved that phrase. It feels like a gentle way to step into a new project, embrace a fresh mindset, reinstate a healthy habit from the past, or revisit a goal you’ve started many, many times before… yet not quite reached. 
In 2022, I’m going with that last one. For me that means putting a stop to a life-long tug-of-war with this shrill voice in my head that yells: It’s Never Enough; You are Never Enough… or her cranky fraternal twin who screeches, “More, yes, MORE… Work! Success! Accomplishment!”  
In my case, those voices have led me to make far too many personal and professional decisions based on a belief that: self-worth = net worth. Said differently, I conflated my value as a human with the size of my bank account. To put it mildly, the results have not always been pretty. Ergo, my desire to… Begin Again. 
Other women tell me they feel the same pressure manifested in other ways: the yoga instructor measuring her self-worth by the number of students in her classes, the academic measuring hers by the number of articles she has published, etc. No matter what is on the other side of self-worth in this equation, for many of us it has led to a life of non-stop striving.
Thanks to a book deal with Harper Collins (WhoooHooo!), I’ll be spending 2022 interviewing a wide range of individuals about the topic of “Never Enough” as it relates to money, career, and accomplishments. Some of these folks will be world renowned academics, researchers, and thought-leaders. Others will be kind-hearted folks who are willing to share their own struggles with our modern day #HustleCulture. The end goal is a book that will teach you how to reframe your relationship with money to create a life of financial health and emotional wealth.
As such, throughout this year, I’ll be using this MoneyZen newsletter to share the best resources I come across in my research. My hope is that no matter what New Year intentions or goals you may have set for yourself, you’ll find some gems in these monthly shares that help your journey.
Speaking of help, I’m looking for a few good women (& men :) who would like to join me on this journey by signing up to be a member of the “Team MoneyZen” focus group.
I will be reaching out to this trailblazing tribe every few weeks by email with a short poll, question, or survey to crowd-source the very best insights on how our relationship with money influences our life choices. Emails will be brief, your replies will remain anonymous, your input will truly be invaluable to others, and of course, you can opt-out of this group at any time. If this sounds like it might be fun to you, just click on the “Join Team MoneyZen” button below and you’ll get your first set of focus group questions from me!
All the best to you as you “Begin Again” in 2022!

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