¡feliz aÑo nuevo!
¡Feliz año nuevo, profe!  Here are some fun ideas for your return in the new year. 
Host a virtual or in-person New Year's Eve fiesta!  Use the Año Nuevo Fiesta Unit we made that has everything you need!  Students write their New Year's Resolutions, share their favorite things from 2021, and use our countdown clocks to the new year! Make sure students have grapes (cut them in half or use mini marshmallows instead to avoid choking hazard), and toast everyone with sparkling grape juice!  We even have the after party music and dances ready to go for your fiesta.  Our New Year's party lasts two whole class periods because we throw in a couple of readings, several cultural videos, and some singing and dancing!
You can also check out our Reyes Magos digital unit that works for both virtual and in-person classes. There are letter templates to write to the Three Kings, touching and funny videos as well as a well-planned and organized lesson that can last for one class period or several, depending on your preference.
Felices fiestas a todo el mundo. 
check out some great units 
for your classes!
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all the best in your teaching endeavors,
Amy & Katie
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