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Now that the new year is rolling, I thought I would take a second to share with you my 10 Rules for January. I'm kind of over diets and extreme workout plans and ready to use my January focus to create habits I actually intend to maintain throughout the year. I created a habit tracker through Notion (pictured below) and have been using it every single night to check off my progress on my 10 Rules I'll be sticking to every single day. They aren't ground breaking or terribly extreme, but I think they could be transformational if I can stick to them not just for 30 days but for all of 2022. 
If you get inspired to do something similar, I would love to hear what rules you choose. Now, without further ado, my10 Rules for January. 
  1. Eat from 12pm-8pm
  2. Night Routine
  3. 10,000 Steps OR One Aerobic Workout
  4. Gallon of Water
  5. Theology Book
  6. Budget Maintenence 
  7. Read for 20 min. before Bed
  8. Answer Texts within 24 Hours
  9. Track Nutrition and Calories
  10. No Desserts
Such love for you all. 
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xo, emily

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pocket of peace

just a little laugh because we need it…
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coffee talk with em

Nothing makes me happier than a great recommendation. So here are a few of things that are sparking joy and bringing pockets of peace to my days. I hope you love these things as much as I do! Got a recommendation for our new Slow Down Sunday? Just reply to this email and tell me all about it! 
  1. I LOVE this online book club community and will definitely be picking this one up to read in January!
  2. I might just be obsessed with this Youtuber. I'll be closely following this New Year Challenge this year!
  3. Like everyone, I'm turning over a new leaf with my nutrition and this list of meal prep ideas is so inspiring!
  4. The Lazy Genius is a must follow and this round-up of her yearly favorites led me to so many new finds!
  5. Oh Bob Goff, what would we do without you?? This is going to be my first self-development read of 2022 and I cannot WAIT to dive in!
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