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Happy New Year!
                                     I hope everyone had a great holiday season!    It is time for us to get back to work!  So much to do around here!!  I know everyone is planning for spring to be here soon!  Remember it is always sunny and warm in the greenhouses, so if you need an extra boost of sunshine come and walk through the greenhouses!
                                   There are things we should be doing right now!  Make sure you are watering your grass and plants!  We have not had ANY moisture as of today, so you need to water!  Turn your sprinklers on when we are having a warm day and water!  Take a hose and water your trees and shrubs a little deeper.    
                           We have the Fertilizer Programs ready to go! 
                    You can  sign up for the program when ever your ready.  
                              If you have any question, please give us a call!
                                                          (806) 622-2683
                                                         Thanks, Rhonda

For the plants that grow the best, come to the folks who know the best.

Year Round Fertilizer Program are Ready!
 Now is a great time to begin preparing your raised beds for the growing season. We have all of the materials & compost you need to get a head start on amending your growing areas. If you need help planning your raised beds, we are always happy to help! 
Have a Happy Day!

We collect and reuse Rain Water!

2012: 108,665 gallons

2013: 108,696 gallons

2014: 123,193 gallons

2015: 181,051 gallons

2016: 123,879 gallons

2017: 141,951 gallons

2018: 106,330 gallons

2019: 139,057 gallons

2020: 85,762 gallons