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Hey, First name / friend!
Sam, here! And today we are taking a deep dive into the benefits of consistency in content. Consistency always wins, no matter where you put it to work in your life. But consistency in publishing written content—through blog posts, an email list, or an Instagram feed—always always wins. 
So, what are these mystical, magical benefits of the almighty Consistency? Well…
  1. It tells search engines your site is reputable and trustworthy, boosting you beyond people who rarely post.
  2. It helps you radiate professionalism (“hi, I’m actually committed to this work beyond what you’ll see from a hobbyist") to new and previous clients.
  3. It shows social media platforms that your page isn’t just a flash in the pan—you’re here to stay, so your content gets pushed out to more people.
But here’s the thing—publishing consistently sure ain’t easy. It means you have to have blog posts written, edited, prepped, and published every week. It means you need emails batched and ready to rock. It means you need to be on Instagram—a LOT. And that sounds freaking exhausting, especially when you have photos that need taking!
But what if I told you there was a secret to batching and publishing? What if I told you that winning the consistency game doesn’t require you being on Instagram 24/7?
It’s called automation. And it’s about to save your business. 
Today, I’m going to dig into three content publishing channels you should be batching and automating in your business. Then, before you know it, you’ll be publishing consistently week after week after week!
You can get a couple months’ worth of blog posts written, edited, prepped, and published just in a few days—and if you’re speedy, just a few hours! Knock out the writing part for session posts by grabbing the blog templates from the shop—we’ve got some for wedding, engagement, maternity, family, and senior photographers. Then, sprinkle in some informational posts here and there. Or you can just book us for a blog post writing project, and we’ll get it all taken care of for you!
Then, when it’s time to edit, hop through this tried-and-true post on how to edit your own writing. Add your photos, get your H2s and alt text in order, and BAM! You’re ready to publish!
But don’t just send them all out into the internet the second they are written, even though it’s super tempting to get those posts you’re behind on out into the world. Instead, schedule out your blog posts to post on a regular weekly schedule! And if you're not sure how to schedule posts, shoot us an email and we can show you how!
Here at The Write Lens, we love us some Dubsado and Flodesk to send and automate our emails, but there are tons of other tools out there to try. An email workflow can do so much for you, but one crucial component that I’ve come to appreciate and rely on is the email scheduling system. 
Automated emails are a true lifesaver. You can create workflows so clients get dropped into the correct spot after they’ve completed certain things. For example, after you’ve delivered a gallery to a client, consider putting them in a five-car “email train” with five emails telling your client how to securely store their images, transform them into heirlooms, create displays using their prints, leave you a stellar review, and work with you again in the future! Once they’ve gone through this “train,” you can automate a scoot-along to your main email list so they don't miss any future tips or promotions you share.
And again, if you’re stuck at the writing part we've got you covered! Just hop into The Shop to find the collection of email templates that’s right for your business, or book your custom email template project!
Social media can be such a time suck—so why don’t you automate it like everything else? Platforms like Later and Hootsuite automate your posting for you, but you can go the free route by simply using the Drafts feature in Instagram. That's what we do!

(Pssst….if you’re looking for Instagram captions, we can provide them!)

By batchworking (creating multiple posts at once without interruption), you can stay in the zone and work ahead. This takes the pressure off trying to create regular posts moments before posting and allows you to craft more thoughtful, intentional captions since you're not in such a rush.
And just like that, you've got the power of automation working for your business in a whole new way! Enjoy the sweet, sweet feeling of more time to do what you really love.
See ya again in two weeks!