First name / Friend, this will be the first newsletter of the year 2022! We are so glad you have stuck with us and we are happy to bring in the new year with useful and interesting conversations, information, and ideas to stimulate your mind a bit. At Arwani Law Firm, we began the new year learning about the subject of Integrative Medicine. Here, doctors are able to integrate aspects of what was once seen as alternative medicine into conventional medicine. Some of these could be used in your own personal day to day in combination with any treatment you are currently going through. Some examples include: 
     1. Mind-body techniques- Progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, art/music therapy, mediation, etc… 
     2. Hands-on therapies: Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, massage therapy, aroma therapy, etc… 
     3. Acupuncture 
     4. Herbs and Supplements: Fish oil, probiotics, vitamins, turmeric, garlic, etc… 
Learning about some of these therapies could be extremely beneficial whether you use them as preventative tools or whether you add them to your current treatment. As always, consult your general care physician/doctor before beginning any new therapies and make sure you continuously consult your physicians. Stay safe. 

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