LD… Checking In!
The first month of a new year! For me, it's always filled with a practice of reflection on the year behind me and a spirit of hope for the year ahead. While January is still in sight, I wanted to share this reflection and hope with you, my LD community, via the RE-launch of LD's newsletter. A monthly, short and sweet share on ways and things that can support you and/or your organization as you continue to grow your capacity and practice for liberation.
Walking the Talk
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As we move deeper into 2022, I encourage you to take a moment and truly think about what more liberation would look like for you this year? What are doing? How do you feel? 
Jot down just one step you can take toward that vision this year and put it someplace visible (mine is on a post-it on my laptop stand). If you want some accountability, feel free to hit reply and share with me!
in pursuit of liberation,