Entering Into 

New Spaces. 














If you look closely  to the photo above you'll see a large, heavy door, open, leading to seats and tables.


I want to send some encouragement your way & I feel is for now. 

Pay attention ✨👀


Although it's seem easy or simple to just walk through... there is a process from leaving a room to enter the open space...

We have to be willing to go... we have to be willing to leave one space to enter into another....

For me. I'm re-learning a few thing. And not that what we learnt before didn't serve us...But the spaces we are entering has seats & Tables:

*️⃣SEATS: Allow me to sit ✅ pay attention ✨To sit: means to be in a position in which one's weight is supported.

*️⃣TABLES : Are pieces of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed, and that can be used for such purposes as eating, writing, working, or playing games.

✨Stay with me✨

I believe we are all being invited into a new space - because we set in rooms that weren't comfortable rooms that HS (my nickname for Holy Spirit) showed us some realities about ourselves, truths were revealed and lessons were learned to give us courage to say YES! l'll leave where I am in order to walk through the heavy door that only God can open; leading us to a seat where WE ARE positioned so His weight upon us is supported. Now We can sit at the table He made for us, with Him... where things are leveled and We can eat, write, converse, work while it is day, not to mention enjoying our placement at His Table... ✨

YOU, yes you, MY FRIEND. It's worth sitting in the room you're in, learning g and growing in the space you're in... so when He opens the heavy door that only He can invite you in.... you're able to enjoy the fullness of Him....

He wants you to be the guest of Honor at His table...
🤍With so much love